Why should my child learn how to ride horses at Applewood Farms, you may ask?  We teach horse and rider safety as a part of our curriculum. We also teach responsibility, independent decision-making, determination to finish what you start and self-confidence. Lesson prices are listed under the “Services” page.

Applewood's lesson program is available to students as young as 6 years old. We offer private and group lessons on our well trained horses or a student's own horse. We hold lessons in either our 200"X80" lighted indoor arena, or our outdoor 250"X150" riding arena with all weather footing.

Applewood Farms has lesson horses and ponies suited for beginners and advanced riders. If the student already has some riding experience, we will assess the rider's skill level and design a lesson program for them.  

When they are ready, we will take the riders to horse shows on our school horses or their own horse. Our horse shows are a "fun" experience...winning is great, but we want to have fun too!!

Horses and ponies are available for lease to students, so if you are not ready to buy one yet but want to teach your child the same responsibility as owning a horse or pony, Applewood Farms can help you enrich your child’s life.

For new riders:
On your first visit you should expect a tour of the facility, introduction to the safety rules, and of course meet the lesson ponies. Students will start by learning how to groom and get their horse ready for their lesson. There is some specialized equipment your rider will need. All lessons are taught to students wearing a properly fitted helmet and riding boots. Please ask Becky for details when you call to make you lesson appointment.